How to Solve Problems with Internet Piracy

Today, I felt the need to steal as much Internet as possible before the SOPA kicks in. I did post a Goofy t-shirt with an image I stole from the Disney Company, but they haven’t come after me for it yet. I have been listening for the sirens all day. I need to find victims a little closer at hand.

My blog doesn’t have any good pictures in it. Ken has a blog (lahikmajoe) with wonderful pictures in it. He is actually quite the photographer. So, I decided to steal some pictures from Ken’s blog. Imagine my disappointment when I get to his blog with the specific goal of stealing pictures, and all he has on there is some car that apparently had a run in with a slab of meat. I’m trying to STEAL things here. Very disappointing!

So then I think to myself, I will go to Jamie’s blog (I Thought This Would Be Easier). Her entire blog is beautiful, maybe I can lift the whole thing. When I arrive at Jamie’s blog, I realize that there is a blog post about an actual car IN a meat market. But, guess what… she has no picture! I think I see what needs to be done here.

Dear Jamie… here is your missing photograph from the car in the meat market:
where to store your meat « lahikmajoe

windscreen meat

Dear Ken… here is your missing explanation for the meat windshield:
There’s a whole CAR in the meat market!! « I Thought This Would Be Easier


Enjoy your stolen Internets. I feel like freaking ROBIN HOOD! Yea me!


Uh oh... I'm an Internet Pirate

I got this image from Google and put it up through WordPress. The Disney Company is VERY serious about this whole copyright thing. Don’t go painting Mickey and Donald on your daycare wall. They will make you take it down. I can feel them out there looking for me now.

Dear SOPA… do you know who else censors the Internet? Communist China, that’s who. They do, right? It is really hard to look this stuff up with Wikipedia down.