Failed Hair Day

Because, when your hair looks great you should get credit for it. Even if it is all drizzly outside.

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9 Responses to Failed Hair Day

  1. Rosie says:

    You could take a polaroid of your good hair before you go out, and pin it to your shirt!

  2. Gigi says:

    I know that feeling….a drizzly day will ALWAYS undo all my hard work. I’m sure it looked fabulous!

  3. debihen says:

    I’d wear it every day regardless of how my hair looked before I left the house. Let them all think I have hair skills and Mother Nature is the culprit to my daily “style”.

  4. Lisa says:

    Dear Lisa.

    You make a lot of sense.

    Love Lisa.

  5. I missed this post because WordPress randomly decided that I didn’t need to be notified by email anymore. I’ve now refollowed you. In case you’re wondering.

  6. And that’s why I always wear a hat outside. Well, not the drizzle as much as the wind.

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