Look, Everybody… A real live blog post at heinakroon.com… dedicated to ME!


First: a brief history

I started this blog back in March 2010 with the post We’re all doomed, and have since written on average one or two posts a month. However, as can be clearly seen in the visitor statistics graph below, I didn’t really have much of an audience for the first 18 months or so. In fact, by late summer last year I was considering packing the whole thing in due to lack of interest – after all, what’s the point of writing if no one’s reading*?

But then something happened. I was reading a post on the Bloggess awesome blog where she quoted someone called Lisa Galaviz. It was a hilarious collection of one-liners and quirky observations that had me completely hooked. In my innocence, I tweeted some of the quotes (I think one of them was “Don’t ever google how they extract squid ink for black pasta when having…

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All of this hardly seems necessary.

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  1. Thanks for reblogging my post! I’ve never been reblogged before and I was a bit nervous. It sounded like it would hurt.

  2. Gigi says:

    Well, as I’ve always figured, you ARE something special! How nice it is to have someone tell the world about how you changed a course in their life. Usually, we never know the differences we make.

  3. Aw, a whole post just for you! Well-deserved. You are kind of the hub of all things awesome in the blogosphere. Just don’t tell anyone. You might get kidnapped. That sounds like the kind of thing someone would kidnap you for. And I don’t know if we could raise the money for your ransom with a Kickstarter in time.

  4. jbrown3079 says:

    I am fighting the urge to leave some kind of sentimental comment. What Andreas said about you is spot on. I don’t normally use a phrase like “spot on”, but I think he would and I don’t want to drag his blog down with my usual monosyllabic attempts. But since this is here on yours, I probably could have gotten by with my usual.
    No, I will leave it there.
    You did give us a fun and interesting little corner to play in.
    For that and for the support, thanks.

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