It is the end of the day, Thanksgiving, and I finally feel inspired. I was supposed to be inspired yesterday, but a hell day of traveling in Thanksgiving traffic sapped every ounce of inspiration right out of me. I wanted to feel inspired earlier today, but the house was too busy, and everyone kept asking me what I was doing on the laptop. Actually, most people just leaned over my shoulder uncomfortably close to my face and said, “Watcha doin’??” in a cute high-pitched voice. Nothing drains inspiration like having to explain yourself.

I have wanted for a while to tell you all the story of how you came to be. Or, maybe it is a story about how I came to be. Maybe it is the story of how I have had too much wine.  I have probably been drinking more than my allotted amount. To my credit, I wanted to go to bed hours ago but circumstances would not permit. Now things have settled down, everyone is watching football, and I am typing away invisibly in a very dark dining room. My sister-in-law has now joined me. Our laptops feebly light the space in eerie white. I pour a new glass of wine, contemplating the percentage chance of tomorrow’s headache. But… I have packed ibuprofen. Tomorrow be damned! Here we go….

Once upon a time, my friend Jenny sent me an email asking if she could post some of my Facebook status updates to her blog, The Bloggess. I was actually thinking I needed something interesting to happen that day. I love my job, but it can feel isolated at times. I was thinking it would be nice to come in one day to a witty comment, or hear a funny, sarcastic remark once in a while. You see (really… I don’t expect ANYONE to understand this) I am in a very unusual situation. I work for, and with, people who are genuinely nice. These people are not prone to sarcasm or wittiness, to no fault of their own. Please note that I am in no way complaining about my generous and kind employers, I am simply noting that something crucial to me was missing from my life. Disgruntled addled people? Definitely not, but sometimes too much sweet leaves you craving for something salty. That is all I’m saying.

Just when I was sitting at my desk, contemplating my unlikely dilemma, I got Jenny’s email. She said that she was writing a book and needed something to fill in her blog. She told me she would like to use my Facebook postings and also that I “wouldn’t have to do anything.” While I did have some serious doubts about people’s willingness to read a bunch of my status messages on a blog, I figured that any disenchanted readers would complain to her and not to me. Also, she did say that I wouldn’t have to do anything. In retrospect, my favorite part of this whole scenario was the not having to do anything. I will do favors for everyone all day long that require no effort on my part. So, I responded back with a long rambling email, the gist of which was, “Knock yourself out.”

A few weeks later, Jenny sent me a link. The outpouring of her fans for the inanity of my Facebooks posts was astounding. And addictive. I should admit here that I have always read Jenny’s blog, usually leaving pissed off that I could never be that funny. In fact, one of the Facebook statuses she incorporated in her blog was directly related to how inept I felt after reading her blog. Irony rarely works for me so well.

So, with a fresh batch of inspiration, and a few very kind links and mentions from The Bloggess, I started a Self-Help T-Shirt Blog, and dusted off the Twitter account I’d been ignoring. This is also about the time I met my in-person friend, Michiel. I remember distinctly, for whatever reason, telling her, “My friend Jenny has this blog….” At this point, Michiel interjects with, “You mean, THE BLOGGESS??” It was incredible. Astounding, really. We bonded on the spot. Later, she took me shopping for metal chickens.

Today I was reading @lucysfootball’s “squishy” Thanksgiving blog post. What touched me most was a description of her unexpected connection with the Geek Girl’s Book Club  and how it was “Kind of the best thing that ever happened.” I can relate to best things happening this year. Through Jenny, I got an unexpected instant bond with a great in-person friend. Not only that, I have made bonds with people on different continents, in various time-zones, and in an assortment of life situations. We laugh together, make inappropriate jokes, wear terribly inappropriate t-shirts, and I deeply appreciate all of you. You are all the sprinkles on my cupcake and “kind of the best thing that ever happened.“

I am loath to say names at this point, out of fear I will leave someone out. Just know that you provide my commentary for life. You help me through difficult situations, and joke with me during otherwise uneventful moments. We read each other’s blogs, sometimes making a tangled mess of blog/Twitter connections I’m sure is almost impossible but for the most devoted to follow. Whether you connected to me directly through Jenny or not, she sent you on my path and, essentially, brought you all to me. There are a few key moments in life when you don’t know the value of the gift you are receiving. This was definitely the case that day I got that email.

Today, on Thanksgiving, I want you to know how grateful I am for all of you, and how much I count on you daily for humor and insight. Also know, that if The Bloggess ever knocks on my door and asks to have you guys back, I am NOT giving you up. I am scattering you around the house and acting like I have no idea what she is talking about. You are mine now. MINE!!! No backsies, Jenny!

So, that is my squishy Thanksgiving post. I can just get it in under the wire.


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27 Responses to Thanks

  1. DogsDontPurr says:

    Awww….Happy T~ Day. Here’s a long comment:

    I collect vintage gas station signs. Many years ago, a friend of mine had to move and could no longer keep his 5 foot tall Mobil Gas sign. Unfortunately, he lived in L.A., and I lived in Seattle at the time. Somehow, we were able to keep finding mutual friends to pass it off to until I could come down and retrieve it. This went on for over TWO years.

    Finally, I made the trip. It was over the T~Day/Xmas holidays. The family who had ended up with it, buried in their garage, making the excuse that they had stored it away to make room for their Xmas tree.

    Later, we found out that they had buried it away hoping that we would leave it: too much work to dig it out…right? They had fallen in love with it. As you say: “No backsies!” (But I won in the end, and lugged that thing 1500 miles back to Seattle on the top of my Jeep!) Good times.

    It now resides in Oregon, and I reside in L.A. Here we go again. No Backsies!!!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Maryann says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa! I am so glad I found you (yes, via Jenny’s blog) and I plan on staying. I’m not funny, but *I know funny when I read it*, so you’re stuck with me. 🙂

    I also know what you mean when you say stuff like this:

    >There are a few key moments in life when you don’t know the value of the gift you are >receiving. This was definitely the case that day I got that email.

    Well put, and so true. You rock for recognizing the value so quickly.
    Hugs, even if you don’t do hugs,
    Maryann ❤

  3. Lisa says:

    I pretty much second everything you said. This whole crazy world is the most amazing thing. I know we don’t technically do this as there is no such thing as a pilgrim in England but I’m thankful for you as well… Okay. Well I’m going to go before this gets any more awkward than it has to be.

  4. Hear hear!

    I also found you through Jenny’s blog, and by quoting your hilarious messages on twitter, you found my blog (which had been left like like dusty old raisin on a corner of a room no one really use). My point is: I probably would have given up blogging, but thanks to you (and all the new friends I’ve made from knowing you) I now blog more than ever and have no plans of quitting.

    Thank you!

  5. Blogdramedy says:

    I am so loving that tee shirt. I need seven of them for every day of the week. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth says:

    We love you too!

  7. I got here like many others thanks to a suggestion from The Bloggess. I stayed because of your wonderful writing. First on Twitter, now on WordPress, by way of Blogger.

    It boils down to this: You have such a wide variety when it comes to the topics you address. And your take is always fresh, not some rehashed done before snark. The few blogs I do follow have one thing in common, they are smart and funny. At least, to me they are.

    So thanks for your writing, and for including me every once in a while.

    OK, enough squishiness, which I found isn’t a word according to spell check.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Lisa

  8. lahikmajoe says:

    I think I’ve arrived a bit later to the party. You must’ve already been at this a while before I found you on twitter.

    Although I write a blog about tea, I try to make it interesting for tea drinkers and non tea drinkers alike. Your contribution has definitely made that endeavour all the more enjoyable.

    The people that you’re in blogging contact with are becoming some of my favourite bloggers.

    And I’m pleased you’ve kept the shirts. And the non-shirt blog about the shirt blog. With all that self-help. I like that.

    • lgalaviz says:

      I think I will go to your non-tea blog now, and constantly talk about tea. Which will be a great improvement as I was just over there talking about truck ball sacs. I don’t even know why I was doing it. There is no reason anyone needs to know about truck ball sacs, ever. Yet, I can’t stop myself from bringing it up. At least I am ruining my blog now with the truck ball sacs and not yours.

  9. Gigi says:

    Awww – look! Lisa has a soft & squish side….or maybe it was the wine. Either way, I appreciate you too. The folks I’ve met online have turned out to be some of the funniest, most sincere and awesome group of people I’ve ever met.

  10. Joules says:

    Blogland worked it’s hoodoo and brought the squish right out of you. Virtual squish back to you and to Jenny for sending me your way.
    I value zombie loving, inanity and inappropriate jokes above all else so this blog is a safe haven in the midst of mommy blogs, daddy blogs and other parental situation type blogs.

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  12. Debihen says:

    God bless Jenny for bringing all of us socially awkward but funnier-than-hell tweetple together. And God bless Lisa for not only allowing us all to blather on with reckless abandon, but she even encourages it.

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  14. MsDarkstar says:

    I’m another one who found you via Jenny (who I adore and I would seriously give a kidney to meet her.. but only if she needed a kidney… and we were a match… I would even let her choose which kidney!)

    I am sure that eventually the Tea Monkeys would have made sure our paths crossed or the Giant Metal Chicken would have seen to our meeting up but I also believe that The Bloggess works in mysterious ways and I guess I am saying we were cosmically destined to meet via the blogosphere. Or perhaps I am just not drinking enough tea and the oxidants are slowly melting my brain.

  15. haircuter says:

    Its funny how holidays (and possibly wine) make us go all mushy and stuff.

    My mom sisster and I talk about you like we actually know you, ya know like in real life. We call you by first name just like a friend. Clearly none of the 3 of us had a life before you came along. So thanks for that!

  16. a says:

    No – Thank you! Also found you via Jenny, and I’m glad you decided to expand on her idea. My life is always in need of silliness and irreverence, and I’m glad that you can help out with that. (I, on the other hand, work with people who embody evil, so I have no extra sarcasm to spare)

  17. Brenna says:

    I found you through Jenny and I’m sure glad I did!

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