Halloween Costume Series: Robot Zombie Killer

This costume is based on my new Pulitzer prize-winning novel about the future and robot zombies.  I’ve been the future you see, and the phones that we created to drive our cars have turned against us.  They are now zombies that must be taken out by any means necessary.  This book will probably win for the best non-fiction since it is about facts in the future and I don’t think anyone has written a book yet about facts in the future.  Therefore, being the one and only book in the category, it HAS to win.

Actually, I am writing the book in the future as we speak.  The best thing about this method is that I am not procrastinating. I am waiting for future self to deliver the book via time machine, or by UPS.  I am not exactly sure how these things work.

Everyone who wears this shirt will be promoting my future book and you will be well compensated when I hit the bestseller list any day now.  I will also be famous, so bonus points to you for knowing someone famous.


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7 Responses to Halloween Costume Series: Robot Zombie Killer

  1. zippy219 says:

    Will there be a sequel? Like Robot Sparkly Vampire Killer. Cause it would make a great shirt and I'd totally pretend to read your pretend book.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The thing you typed this on is lying in wait…

  3. Debihen says:

    I went to the future. The Pulitzer is your; presented to you by Johnny Depp. One word of advice; choose the red dress…the black one isn't "i -just-got-a-Pulitzer-presented-to-me-by-freakin'-Johnny-Depp" enough. Trust me on this. I was there.

  4. Joshua says:

    Great story idea. Really great.

  5. plumsauce10 says:

    The future is… Awesome. My future says its so full stop

  6. I don't know. Feels like the future is just like the present, just with some cooler gadgets. I miss the REAL future, the one with space ships and moon bases..

  7. blogdramedy says:

    I hope the robot zombie killer doesn't kill off all those robot zombies before your future self gets there to write about it. Otherwise…no novel and whoa, stinky.

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