Halloween Costume Series: Time Traveler

I’ve seen the future. It’s pretty much like the past only later in the day.

The beauty of this costume is that no one can prove you are NOT a time traveler.  To prove that you are not a time traveler, the person would first have to become a time traveler, then travel to the future to find that you are not actually in the future.  Then the person would have to travel back to the past, which is now the present, in order to actually prove you wrong.  Even if they do all of these steps, you can always nullify their efforts by saying you had that day off.  If you can tell that someone is about to go through all of this effort just to publicly invalidate your costume, you should tell them not to bother.

However foolproof this costume may be, it does require a bit of preparation.  People will be asking you what the future is like, so you will need to know how to describe it.  Don’t tell go around telling everyone there are floating cars, it is an amateur mistake and @heinakroon has already rejected that idea. Besides, people are terrible drivers now that they are one the ground, you wouldn’t want them up flying in the air.

In the future, our phones will be driving. They already have navigational systems, it is only one extra step to just plug them into the car and take off.  However, the driving phone really doesn’t solve my problem that I want to be able to text and drive. I would hate to distract my phone while it is driving by using it to text. Maybe in the future, we will all have multiple phones.

But having multiple phones isn’t really ideal either, because the whole point of having the phone combined with your music playing device and your Twitter machine is so you don’t have to keep up with so many things. No one is going to want to carry around two phones so they can text and drive. That would be ridiculous. Don’t worry. I’m positive I’ll have this worked out by Halloween. Be sure to check back later.


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All of this hardly seems necessary.

6 Responses to Halloween Costume Series: Time Traveler

  1. Debihen says:

    I read this in the future while you were typing it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The driving phones stay in the car, like the car phones of yesteryear! The texting phone is attached to your clothes with a tether. — future buddy

  3. Gigi says:

    *sigh* the future sounds complicated!

  4. Em says:

    Gigi, the future is always complicated. (You cracked me up.)Time Traveler. That's my theme for The Sketchbook Project! Woot!

  5. The future doesn't always have to be complicated. It depend on which future we're talking about. The immediate furore is pretty much the same as the present, and even 5,000 years into the future would have been pretty much the same 10,000 years ago.PS. Thanks for the linkback, Lisa!

  6. Handflapper says:

    Aren't there already cars that park themselves? Driving themselves can't be far behind. There's already cruise control; now we just need steering control. I would always nap in the car if it could drive itself. And I would probably go a lot more places.

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