How to be a Success

This t-shirt will provide you, the wearer, with a constant reminder of the only two things you ever need to accomplish in order to be a success in life:

1. Think of stuff to do

2. Do it

The shirt is based on Stephen Covey’s bestseller, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. His book uses lots of pages to describe a number of habits you can develop in order to be highly effective. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually read the book, so I don’t have any specific information about the habits. However, even if I had all the habits ready at hand, they would most likely not all fit on one t-shirt. I thought about actually reading the book and making one t-shirt for each habit, but then if you had to waste a lot of time in the morning deciding which habit to wear for the day, you would probably make yourself late for work and thus no longer be highly effective.

These two habits are probably a summary of all the seven effective-people habits. Having not read the book, this is a highly uneducated guess, but on the other hand, I can’t imagine anything else an effective person would need to know.

If this shirt helps you become more effective, please remember those people less fortunate than you who either can’t think of stuff to do, or are too unmotivated to do the stuff they are thinking.


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13 Responses to How to be a Success

  1. C'est MOI says:

    I think an inspirational calendar is in order.

  2. Tova says:

    I am going to email a link to this to my husband. Subject: "I got you a shirt" and he will be so confused.

  3. I always think of doing illegal and unethical things but I never actually do them. Now I know why I'm so unsuccessful.

  4. Send one to Dr. Phil.

  5. Gigi says:

    You?? You will be far more successful than Stephen Covey EVER thought about being!

  6. I assume that the shirt secretes adderall directly into your pores. I will take three.

  7. Brenna says:

    I love this! Glad you are blogging.

  8. handflapper says:

    Are you a therapist? You should be.

  9. Does this mean that once you are successful from thinking of things and doing them that you are going to come rescue me from my unmotivated state of thinking of so many things that I do none of them? I hope so. Someone has to.

  10. well fuck…so reading *the secret* was a total waste of my time, apparently. but the book did have aesthetic appeal. i like to think it made me look all intrinsic and interesting to talk to when i carried it around in my satchel. so there's that.

  11. If I had this t-shirt earlier in my life I would have been SO successful at getting things done.

  12. Anna says:

    This… this I need.

  13. Queen Mahin says:

    Really, it's that simple? Excuse me, off to conquer the world, I am..

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